What are Your Emotional Health Questions?

Do you have questions or curiosity about emotional (mental) health? If you are fascinated by human behavior or not at all, we all, at times, question why people act the way they do.

You might ask: why does s/he get so angry over such simple things? Why does s/he always on the go and seem so anxious? Why do I get sick to my stomach whenever I have to deal with confrontation?

There are so many questions we ask ourselves about emotions because it is natural to be curious about human nature/behavior. When we do not know the answers to our human nature/behavior curiosity questions, we can mistakenly make harmful assumptions that can often lead to contempt and stereotyping.

If you have a question, please ask below in the comment section! My goal is to open up a dialogue about emotional health. When you put words to problems, you never know who you are helping, and helping others thrive is a great feeling!

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