Improving​ Emotional Health on the Farm

You are not alone. It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to reach out for help. My name is Catherine Cleveland and I am a mental health counselor. I once was a farmer and I am the widow of an overworked and highly distressed dairy farmer.

As an outreach to the farming and agricultural community, two new groups have been added to the schedule to help support the needs of this unique community and their emotional needs.

Watch these powerful documentaries!

The first group addresses the emotional health needs specifically for women in agriculture. Click here to learn more on dates and times.

The second group focuses on the emotional stressors of farm owners, managers, and workers. Click here to learn more about dates and times.

For more information about the mental health crisis in the farming community, please watch the documentaries. With special thanks to Jodi Letham for helping organize and outreach to the farming community.

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