Alleviating Anxiety

Every human has anxiety. Anxiety is a natural part of human existence. Anxiety keeps you aware of yourself and of your environment. It protects you from harm and prepares you for action. However, when your anxiety is too high, and for too long, it causes negative physical and psychological symptoms and these symptoms can get in the way of everyday life.

What is Acute Anxiety?

Acute anxiety is normal for everyone. Acute anxiety is a physical reaction to an event (for example, giving a performance or a public speech). With acute anxiety, your anxiety dissipates, and you quickly return back to normal functioning.

What is Chronic Anxiety?

Chronic anxiety (including social anxiety and panic attacks) can negatively impact schoolwork, employment, relationships, concentration, appetite, social engagement, and self-worth. Chronic anxiety is when your anxiety lasts longer than you want it to, both in time and duration (over a lifetime). In some situations, it may seem like you cannot get any relief from your anxiety. Chronic anxiety can cause ongoing physical, emotional, and interpersonal problems.

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