Anger: My Blockage

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J1 E4 ~ Judgment:

I have learned how, over the years, that my judgmental opinions can be very damaging to my relationships. I’ve been called spoiled. Not in the way of material things but in knowing what I want and getting angry when things do not go my way. My temper tantrums sometimes come in a manner of “bitching & complaining” and throwing the f-bomb. I find I am at my worst when I am in the company of someone who is partaking in inappropriate (my opinion), or annoying (again, my opinion) behavior. What I am working on: Being aware of my judgment as it is happening. I notice this feeling in my body that is a solid, dark blockage right in the center of my core. It’s a blockage that seems to have been there for a very long time but I am just beginning to notice it. I try stopping my judgmental mind it by telling myself to do so (many times, I am not successful). I try returning to the present moment and finding my bliss. However, that blockage exists and my quest is to some how set it free. I have learned that the downside of being opinionated and judgmental is that, in my righteousness, I end up isolating myself, which can be very lonely. These behaviors, which I possess, makes having relationships with significant others very difficult for me to maintain. I am a work in progress and will be for as many lifetimes as it takes!

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