Prompted Journaling Series

Philosophical Processing Journals!

What a unique concept! These mentally healthy and educational workbooks are written in a medium content format using journal prompts and a webpage to help people feel safe and less alone in your journey to reaching your goals ~ what ever they may be! Catherine, these books are priceless! Thank you ~ D. Stone

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What is unique about these prompted journaling series is that they connect you to others that who are experiencing similar issues. It is the “me too” effect that this interactive approach uses to brings a sense of belonging, validation, and connectedness. 

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Each book has up to 18 journaling prompts that help you tell your story and awaken you to healthier and happier ways to exist in your life. You then have the option to submit your journal entries (anonymously) to these webpages where others can read your stories and say, “Wow! I am not the only one.” Your shared journal entries are encouraging, supportive, and build resiliency for other readers. And that is powerful!

These interactive journaling books are educational and help you see clearly what and why things are happening or not happening in your life. They take the mystery out of your problems and why your problems are happening.

Here is a sample journal entry shared by a generous reader:

Hidden From the Light

Ways to use these Processing Journals

  • For individuals who want to improve their well-being
  • For group therapy sessions to help members engage with their emotions and experiences.
  • For educational purposes to teach students of all ages better understand and engage with the human experience of emotions.

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Published by Cleveland Emotional Health LLC Network of Private Practices

Catherine is a licensed mental health counselor located in Geneseo NY and the author of the mental health series Philosophical Processing Journals 1-5. Check out her author page on Amazon. See links below.