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Who is not interested in learning about human behavior? Welcome to the Wisdom Room! Here is your blog space to find interesting articles, books, videos, and more. I am always looking for interesting and original content so please email me with your creativity! Could be anything such as journals, articles, poems, videos, and artwork. Happy reading!

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Men’s Mental Health

Getting Help for Men’s Mental Health As you probably already know, there is a lot of stigma with getting help for men’s mental health. Therefore, I am sharing a website mantherapy.org that uses humor to address the very serious topic of men’s mental health including depression and suicidal thoughts. Here are some statistics: Did you …

6/21 Recommended Reading: What Happened to You?

What I am reading this month: What happened to you? Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing, By Dr. Bruce D. Perry & Oprah Winfrey. At present, I am listening to the audible version of this book (because my drive to-and-from work is about 20-minutes). What’s more, the audio version uses the authors’ voices and previous …

What is Gaslighting?

Stop Engaging with the Gaslighter Gaslighting is a form of sustained psychological manipulation that causes the victim to question or doubt his or her sanity, judgment, and memories. Gaslighting is emotional abuse. Many people live or have lived with being a victim of a gaslighter. This happens more often than you may realize and in …

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