This is My Path

Philosophical Processing Journal Prompt ~ J3 E5: How will I address and respond to my guilt on a healthy way? This is My Path… Have you ever noticed that as you are living your life, the difficult emotions and obstacles always come in waves? It is very similar to the weather. I mean think aboutContinue reading “This is My Path”

Guilt: I Can Live Without It

J3 E1 ~  So I’ve been doing counseling for some time it’s been about a month. I have been learning that I harbor a lot of guilt! I understand now more about where the guilt is stemming from. It comes from being part of a family that creates drama and trauma. I am now seeingContinue reading “Guilt: I Can Live Without It”

Hidden From the Light

J3 E5 ~ I feel guilty the most when I want to stand up for myself. Why is that? I believe its because I (we) worry so much about what others think of us, even if at times, I deny that I am dependent on others approval. Really, isn’t that what guilt is? Feeling likeContinue reading “Hidden From the Light”

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