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I am private pay, which keeps your information secure and private. Private pay also gives you control of your treatment options, including frequency and duration.

  • I charge $110 per session (with a $10 discount for cash payments). I am often not covered by insurance. Most of the people in my practice pay completely out-of-pocket. Reimbursement from your flexible spending account is generally not a problem, but actual insurance coverage seems to hinge on whether or not your plan has out of network provisions. Please check with your insurer in advance, so you know where you stand.
  • In addition to 50-minute sessions, I offer block therapy sessions. Block sessions are 2 or 3 hours in duration (you choose the duration and charges will be adjusted based on $100. per hour). The block approach works best when patients are interested in more intensive therapy and believe that one-hour sessions are not enough. 
  • Groups are $20.00 per session. Groups typically consist of 5-8 members. If you would like to join a group, a regular commitment is requested to build and maintain trust and cohesiveness.



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