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Becoming a Person to Emulate

Every young woman, every woman should read this. Everyone should read this. What if you just choose to love yourself right now, just the way you are? Try it. Observe how aversive you are to it. Pay attention to how much you shame yourself. Ask yourself: what is the purpose of…

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Are You Your True Authentic Self?

Doctor and author Gabor Maté’s critiques may say he takes a reductionist viewpoint, but he understand human nature looking into the unconscious where so many mental health providers miss the boat. He emphasizes destigmatization and compassionate treatment of mental health problems including addiction by looking at defense mechanisms which protect the unconscious and unnecessary…

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Hidden From the Light

J3 E5 ~ I feel guilty the most when I want to stand up for myself. Why is that? I believe its because I (we) worry so much about what others think of us, even if at times, I deny that I am dependent on others approval. Really, isn’t that what…

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Do Hard Things

What I am Currently Reading: If you are a sports or military fan, this is a good read. Steve Magness’s Do Hard Things is what I am currently reading. It explains how fear-based coaching and authoritarian teaching tactics are not necessary to overcome difficult challenges or to achieving my goals. My…

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Professional Athlete: From the Female Perspective

I have struggled with understanding what it means to surrender in the moment. This has been especially apparent in my athletic training and performance. I had always interpreted a surrender as a black hole. If I was to give into the fact that I did poorly, and accept it, then I…

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I Could’ve Been Stronger

J2 E11 ~ Social Anxiety I have always dealt with my social anxiety as long as I can remember. I would always be too shy and too afraid to speak for myself. So I would cling to my mom’s leg, or my brother Ron would speak for me. It tool a…

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Rethinking Independence

J2 E7 ~ Fear-Based Living Most recently, I had a predisposed fear about working with my new horse. I didn’t know him other than what I heard from others. He had thrown them off and I was doubting my capabilities as a horse person to be able to handle him. This…

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I am a Big Bear

J1 E9 ~ Punitive Guilt: As a woman in my 50s, I have been battling with this inner and ongoing dissonance. From a young age, I was taught (by almost all aspects of my environment) what is considered “proper” as far as appropriate feminine behavior-what is acceptable and what is shameful.…

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