Online & In-Office Sessions

In My Office

Online Sessions

I also offer online video sessions (telehealth; telemental health), which permits you to get counseling wherever you are located provided you have quality internet access.

When you schedule your appointment, you can choose which type of session is best for you. If you are considering online video sessions, please read the tips below.

Preparing for your Online Video Sessions

Your Environment


  • Sessions can cover very sensitive and private topics. Find a private space where no one can hear you. 
  • Tip: Wearing headphones can reduce the potential for others to hear details of your session that would otherwise be projected from speakers.


  • Minimize the potential for environmental noise.  Take the appropriate steps to silence electronics, pets, etc. so you are not disturbed during your online video sessions.


  • Select a well lit area to connect to your session. The main light source should be in front of you to keep your face visible.  Keep your background space clear to reduce distraction.

Your Tech Setup


  • You must have a desktop/laptop computer and built-in or external speakers, microphone and webcam.  


  • Ensure you are using the latest version of your selected browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).  
  • Confirm your username and password are accurate so you can log into the secure client portal at the appropriate time.  
  • Check that your Flash player is up to date and enabled in your browser. 


  • You must be able to connect to a highspeed internet connection (Minimum connection speed: 512Kbps Upstream / 2 Mbps Downstream). Prior to your session, restarting your computer is recommended to shut down any background processes.  Confirm all other programs are closed so all bandwidth is dedicated to your session connection.  Connect to your session prior to your session start time to test your internet connection and Flash software settings.

Attending Your Session

  • Login to the secure client portal. Your upcoming session will be displayed on your Home page.  Click any of the details of your upcoming session to open the Session Details page, then click the Start Video Session button.  A new window will open.  
  • If you have completed the preparatory steps listed in the tech Setup section above, you should be taken directly to the virtual meeting room where you and your counselor will conduct your session.  A display of what your counselor sees will show in the bottom left, while the rest of the screen will fill with your counselor’s camera view.
  • Use the volume and microphone sensitivity dials to adjust sound settings as needed.  When the session is finished, close the window to end the connection.

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