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Online Sessions

I also offer online video sessions (telehealth; telemental health), which permits you to get counseling wherever you are located provided you have quality internet access.

When you schedule your appointment, you can choose which type of session is best for you. If you are considering online video sessions, please read the tips below.

Preparing for your Online Video Sessions

Your Environment


  • Sessions can cover very sensitive and private topics. Find a private space where no one can hear you. 


  • Minimize the potential for environmental noise.  It is recommended to silence electronics, TVs, phones, etc. so you are not disturbed during your online video sessions.


  • It is recommended that you are able to connect to a highspeed internet connection (Minimum connection speed: 512Kbps Upstream / 2 Mbps Downstream).
  • If you are having any difficulties, try restarting your computer to shut down and restart your computer. This will close all other programs so all your bandwidth is dedicated to your session connection.  

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