Philosophical Processing Journal 2 Anxiety

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These pages are designed so that you can be seen, heard, valued, and understood for who you are – your humanity. You will find this to be a nonjudgmental and caring community; a place to feel accepted and connected.

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Journal 1 Emotions

Journal 3 Guilt

Journal 4 Anger

To find the full journal entry prompts (Definitions) go to: Philosophical Processing Journal 2 Anxiety

Entry 1


Entry 2


Entry 3


Entry 4

Pessimism, Realism, & Optimism

Entry 5


Entry 6

Internal versus External Control

Entry 7

Fear-based Living

Entry 8

Connecting or Distancing

Entry 9


Entry 10

Life is Difficult

Entry 11

Acceptance of difficulties

Entry 12

Panic Attacks

Entry 13

Anger versus Temper

Entry 14

Your Truth

Entry 15

Emotional Aviodance

Entry 16


Entry 17

Fear of failure

Entry 18


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