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Supervision for Licensed Counselors

To impart and maintain ethical standards required by the field, the counselor needs to be constantly growing in their knowledge and skills. Regular supervision is designed to promote ongoing patient welfare and the professional development of the supervisee. 

Continued supervision after licensure protects practitioners from burnout, vicarious anxiety, trauma, and parallel processes. When the counselor neglects to pursue this continuous learning process you could be shortchanging both your patients and your wellbeing.

Therefore, ongoing supervision in counseling is an ethically necessary component of the counselor’s professional and personal development.

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Starting a Private Practice

Are you ready to start your private practice? Here is a free downloadable worksheet to help you plan and organize the ideas you have for your practice.

Please feel free to download the private practice worksheet below. This worksheet is designed to help you develop and organize your ideas. There are two sections, business designing and business expenses

Please contact me to make an appointment for private practice business consultation services. or (585) 432-0313


Cleveland Emotional Health networks with several universities in the region for students seeking counseling practicums, internships, and residency programs. These universities include the University of Rochester, St. Bonaventure University, St. John Fisher College, and SUNY Brockport.

Additionally, universities invite the Cleveland Emotional Health Network of Counselors to guest speak in masters-level and Ph.D courses about the process of beginning and maintaining a mental health counseling private practice. Students and faculty alike, find these presentations engaging and informational.

In the counseling field, many students have a career goal of becoming a private practitioner but do not have the resources at hand to have these dreams become a reality. The Cleveland Emotional Health Network is highly experienced and successful with helping interns and residents learn the skills needed to create and build their own counseling private practices.

Please reach out to us to schedule our network to guest speak in your MHC program

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Mental Health Coaching for amateur and professional athletes

No matter how much talent an athlete has and how much dedication is put into your training neglected mental health issues and stressor can quickly sabotage even the best performances. Although not discussed in public forums due to the associated stigmas, mental wellbeing disruptions and breakdowns can and do happen as often times seen in world class events.

Moreover, having knowledge and skills to develop superior self-focus, clarity, and concentration is an essential component of every athlete’s competitive edge and maximum potential.

Individual or team coaching available

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