Guilt: I Can Live Without It

J3 E1 ~  So I’ve been doing counseling for some time it’s been about a month. I have been learning that I harbor a lot of guilt! I understand now more about where the guilt is stemming from. It comes from being part of a family that creates drama and trauma. I am now seeingContinue reading “Guilt: I Can Live Without It”

Prompted Journaling Series

Philosophical Processing Journals! “What a unique concept! These mentally healthy and educational workbooks are written in a medium content format using journal prompts and a webpage to help people feel safe and less alone in your journey to reaching your goals ~ what ever they may be! Catherine, these books are priceless! Thank you ~Continue reading “Prompted Journaling Series”

Rethinking Independence

J2 E7 ~ Fear-Based Living Most recently, I had a predisposed fear about working with my new horse. I didn’t know him other than what I heard from others. He had thrown them off and I was doubting my capabilities as a horse person to be able to handle him. This fear had kept meContinue reading “Rethinking Independence”

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