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If you are overweight, and no diet is helping you reach your ultimate goal of weight loss, physical health, and wellness, I am here to help you.

When it comes to making changes in eating habits, it is important to take a holistic and biopsychosocial approach.


What are some medical issues the impact your dietary and mobility habits? How are medications preventing you from your weight goals? How can the types of foods and when you eat impact your hormones (insulin)? If your hormones are not functioning properly (for both men and women), this can also prevent you from losing weight.


What are some stressors in your life? How would you define your emotional state? How would your loved ones define your emotional state?

For example, do you avoid feeling your emotions? Do you feel depressed at times? Do you use food to help tolerate or avoid your anxiety? Do you secretly binge eat then experience guilt, shame (low self-worth), or feel like a failure because you cannot stick to a diet?


Our relationship with food is very cultural and social. Food is a part of the innate human need to feel connected and nurtured. Not going along with your friend’s and family’s culture around food can make you feel judged, pressured, and dismissed. These feelings can easily sabotage your healthy attempts at a lifestyle change.

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Compassionate biopsychosocial education and respect towards your goals and values are essential. Permanent changes to lower your weight and reach your health goals is an admirable yet difficult undertaking and you should not have to go it alone.

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