We are private practice offices (in-person or Zoom) offering mental health counseling

Private practice mental health counseling is a safe place the talk about what you need and want to express. It is a space to take your time to discuss topics that are important to you and not feel judged. It offers a sense of control, autonomy, and privacy where you get to decided what to talk about, what is best for you.

What Private practice mental health counseling is not: We are not a clinic where you have to follow a preset protocol that may not fit your needs. We are private; therefore, we do not report any of your information to anyone (ins. co., for e.g.) without your written permission.

Regardless of whether you are experiencing anxiety, social anxiety, trauma (PTSD), Bipolar, OCD, depression, anger problems, relationship (marriage) problems, or other MH problems…

We can help..

Getting out of my emotional struggles felt like climbing an impossible mountain, all alone, and all during a horrible storm…I needed help. I could not do it alone anymore.

We know, that taking this journey to better mental health can be overwhelming. You never have to feel exposed or vulnerable. We are here to help you. We know how to get you where you want to be – where you feel normal again, find joy, and flourish in your life. Moving forward from your problems is a journey where you should never be or feel alone.

Call/text me today, Catherine Cleveland at 585-432-0313 Click here to make an appointment.

Private Practice Offices

Catherine G Cleveland, M.S., LMHC

61 Main Street, Suite 4, Geneseo, NY 14454


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Leslie Baker, M.S., LMHC-P

95 Allens Creek Road, Building 2, Suite 216, Rochester, NY 14618



Don’t want to come to the office? Live out of the area? Online counseling is available

Mental Health Matters. You matter.