This is My Path

Philosophical Processing Journal Prompt ~ J3 E5: How will I address and respond to my guilt on a healthy way? This is My Path… Have you ever noticed that as you are living your life, the difficult emotions and obstacles always come in waves? It is very similar to the weather. I mean think aboutContinue reading “This is My Path”

Prompted Journaling Series

Philosophical Processing Journals! “What a unique concept! These mentally healthy and educational workbooks are written in a medium content format using journal prompts and a webpage to help people feel safe and less alone in your journey to reaching your goals ~ what ever they may be! Catherine, these books are priceless! Thank you ~Continue reading “Prompted Journaling Series”

I am a Big Bear

J1 E9 ~ Punitive Guilt: As a woman in my 50s, I have been battling with this inner and ongoing dissonance. From a young age, I was taught (by almost all aspects of my environment) what is considered “proper” as far as appropriate feminine behavior-what is acceptable and what is shameful. For example, the womenContinue reading “I am a Big Bear”

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