This is My Path

Philosophical Processing Journal Prompt ~ J3 E5: How will I address and respond to my guilt on a healthy way? This is My Path… Have you ever noticed that as you are living your life, the difficult emotions and obstacles always come in waves? It is very similar to the weather. I mean think aboutContinue reading “This is My Path”

Gratefulness Practice Worksheet 2 ~I Get to!

This Gratefulness Practice Worksheet 2 ~ I Get To!, is designed to shift my mindset from negative health energy to healthy and inspiring energy. I am changing my mindset from dreading (complaining) to “I get to!” (noticing your privileges ~ being grateful). This worksheet is designed for students of all ages and for individuals whoContinue reading “Gratefulness Practice Worksheet 2 ~I Get to!”

Gratefulness Practice Worksheet 1

I want to share this Gratefulness Practice Worksheet 1 that I use with my patients, students, and groups. It helps those who are addicted (consciously or unconsciously) to their negative energy mindset. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions to enhance this worksheet. I will be grateful for your thoughts and efforts! I haveContinue reading “Gratefulness Practice Worksheet 1”

Guilt: I Can Live Without It

J3 E1 ~  So I’ve been doing counseling for some time it’s been about a month. I have been learning that I harbor a lot of guilt! I understand now more about where the guilt is stemming from. It comes from being part of a family that creates drama and trauma. I am now seeingContinue reading “Guilt: I Can Live Without It”

Prompted Journaling Series

Philosophical Processing Journals! “What a unique concept! These mentally healthy and educational workbooks are written in a medium content format using journal prompts and a webpage to help people feel safe and less alone in your journey to reaching your goals ~ what ever they may be! Catherine, these books are priceless! Thank you ~Continue reading “Prompted Journaling Series”

Professional Athlete: From the Female Perspective

I have struggled with understanding what it means to surrender in the moment. This has been especially apparent in my athletic training and performance. I had always interpreted a surrender as a black hole. If I was to give into the fact that I did poorly, and accept it, then I felt I was givingContinue reading “Professional Athlete: From the Female Perspective”

Rethinking Independence

J2 E7 ~ Fear-Based Living Most recently, I had a predisposed fear about working with my new horse. I didn’t know him other than what I heard from others. He had thrown them off and I was doubting my capabilities as a horse person to be able to handle him. This fear had kept meContinue reading “Rethinking Independence”

I am a Big Bear

J1 E9 ~ Punitive Guilt: As a woman in my 50s, I have been battling with this inner and ongoing dissonance. From a young age, I was taught (by almost all aspects of my environment) what is considered “proper” as far as appropriate feminine behavior-what is acceptable and what is shameful. For example, the womenContinue reading “I am a Big Bear”

Not Trusting Myself

J1 E6 ~ Soul vs Ego: This is a question I have been asking myself a lot lately, am I going into mental health counseling as a career because I genuinely want to. I am always questioning whether or not I am on the right track in life, one of my biggest fears is thatContinue reading “Not Trusting Myself”

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