Book Recommendation: A New Earth

I am on my second read of this book. It is one of my all time favorite mental health books that I often recommend to my patients. Here is your Amazon Link to purchase your copy.

The New Earth

Most people’s objective is to find ways to reduce our suffering and find inner peace. Inner peace is the happiness that we seek. Happiness is an internal state. Unfortunately, suffering is inevitable as humans too often experience. However, we are often unconscious to the daily suffering we create with our thoughts. This suffering is unnecessary yet can become addicting at the same time.

Reading Tolle’s The New Earth explains the concept of inner peace, and is a transformation necessary for individual’s and the collective culture’s better mental health.

I am in love with this book and I highly recommend it! Happy reading! ~ Catherine

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Catherine is a licensed mental health counselor located in Geneseo NY and the author of the mental health series Philosophical Processing Journals 1-5. Check out her author page on Amazon. See links below.

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