Becoming a Person to Emulate

Every young woman, every woman should read this. Everyone should read this.

What if you just choose to love yourself right now, just the way you are? Try it. Observe how aversive you are to it. Pay attention to how much you shame yourself. Ask yourself: what is the purpose of shaming myself?

Maybe you are telling yourself that you are selfish or conceded for thinking highly of yourself or taking better care of yourself? It just isn’t true!

Choose instead to find your authentic self. Let go of your facades. Find your empowerment. Ask for guidance. Find your true self.

woman sitting while showing heart sign hands
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Find woman role models to emulate. Become a female role model for other women.

You have purpose.

Published by Cleveland Emotional Health LLC Network of Private Practices

Catherine is a licensed mental health counselor located in Geneseo NY and the author of the mental health series Philosophical Processing Journals 1-5. Check out her author page on Amazon. See links below.

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