Kute Blackson: The Magic of Surrender

Kute Blackkson’s, The Magic of Surrender is a favorite and recommended to my patients as a guide to comprehending and moving past inner struggle. “Too often we limit our lives by putting conditions on them. We think things should go a certain way, and when they don’t, we hold on to what isn’t working, reinforcingContinue reading “Kute Blackson: The Magic of Surrender”

Prompted Journaling Series

Philosophical Processing Journals! “What a unique concept! These mentally healthy and educational workbooks are written in a medium content format using journal prompts and a webpage to help people feel safe and less alone in your journey to reaching your goals ~ what ever they may be! Catherine, these books are priceless! Thank you ~Continue reading “Prompted Journaling Series”

Becoming a Person to Emulate

Every young woman, every woman should read this. Everyone should read this. What if you just choose to love yourself right now, just the way you are? Try it. Observe how aversive you are to it. Pay attention to how much you shame yourself. Ask yourself: what is the purpose of shaming myself? Maybe youContinue reading “Becoming a Person to Emulate”

Are You Your True Authentic Self?

Doctor and author Gabor Maté’s critiques may say he takes a reductionist viewpoint, but he understand human nature looking into the unconscious where so many mental health providers miss the boat. He emphasizes destigmatization and compassionate treatment of mental health problems including addiction by looking at defense mechanisms which protect the unconscious and unnecessary suffering. He also clearlyContinue reading “Are You Your True Authentic Self?”

Book Recommendation: A New Earth

https://amzn.to/3LjeDwv I am on my second read of this book. It is one of my all time favorite mental health books that I often recommend to my patients. Here is your Amazon Link to purchase your copy. Most people’s objective is to find ways to reduce our suffering and find inner peace. Inner peace isContinue reading “Book Recommendation: A New Earth”

Do Hard Things

What I am Currently Reading: If you are a sports or military fan, this is a good read. Steve Magness’s Do Hard Things is what I am currently reading. It explains how fear-based coaching and authoritarian teaching tactics are not necessary to overcome difficult challenges or to achieving my goals. My favorite part is theContinue reading “Do Hard Things”

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