Kute Blackson: The Magic of Surrender

Kute Blackkson’s, The Magic of Surrender is a favorite and recommended to my patients as a guide to comprehending and moving past inner struggle.

“Too often we limit our lives by putting conditions on them. We think things should go a certain way, and when they don’t, we hold on to what isn’t working, reinforcing what is causing us pain and affirming our lack of trust in the universe. There is another way: We can harness the power of relinquishing control and discover more purpose and meaning in our lives.”

After the passing of Kute Blackson’s mother in 2017, he discovered that the powerful lesson his mother had been modeling her whole life had always been at the heart of his own teachings–he just hadn’t realized it. What was that keen insight? Surrender isn’t passive. It isn’t giving up. It’s strong and courageous. It’s about tapping in. In this inspiring book, Blackson traces how surrender was a key factor in the lives of so many great people throughout history, and shows readers how they can move past self-imposed barriers in their lives to discover the freedom and possibility on the other side of surrender.

The Magic of Surrender is powerful book to help you navigate the challenging time we are in. This book will guide you beyond what you thought possible for your life, help you access you own greatness and fulfill your destiny. Kute Blackson is a leader for the new generation”
–Jack Canfield

“Kute’s book, Magic of Surrender, is a much needed powerful resource filled with emotional and spiritual tools for discovering freedom and peace within ones self. A resource for navigating through a world where our trust gets broken and we can become easily lost in indecision and fear and feel as if we don’t have control. So many lose sight on their path and journey and struggle with their purpose. This is a life changing guide about the importance of surrendering, facing our truth, and finding our true calling and purpose.” 
–Anthony William

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