Gratefulness Practice Worksheet 2 ~I Get to!

This Gratefulness Practice Worksheet 2 ~ I Get To!, is designed to shift my mindset from negative health energy to healthy and inspiring energy. I am changing my mindset from dreading (complaining) to “I get to!” (noticing your privileges ~ being grateful).

This worksheet is designed for students of all ages and for individuals who want to make healthy changes to their lives. A pdf version is also available for printing (scroll to the bottom). Also, feel free to leave a constructive comment to improve this worksheet. TY.

Directions: Write down 10 or more activities, people, or things which I dread or complain about. I will take at least a week to observe and bring into consciousness how often I blame, shame, complain, and judge. 

Next, I will think about why I am grateful to “get to” have these privileges. 

For example:

I do not like mowing the lawn. I noticed in myself, while I was getting ready to mow for the first time this spring, that I was dreading having to do it. Once I noticed the dread, I changed my mindset. “I get to mow the lawn. I am grateful that I have a lawn to mow. I am sure there are many people who wish they had a nice yard. Therefore, I am privileged and very grateful 🙂

This exercise is not about liking or disliking (labeling). Rather, it is helping me to pay attention to my unconscious chronic and self-induced negative energy (which the ego loves to feed off of). The goal of this exercise is to bring self-awareness to how often I am creating suffering or the mindset, “It is happening to me” (karma).

Here are a few examples to get you started…

I dread: getting out of bed this morning to hike in 40° drizzle.

I get to: exercise because I have the time and I am grateful that I have the physical ability to hike. I am also grateful that I live in a safe and beautiful area. The views in the morning are amazing.

I dread: having to do and keep up with laundry

I get to: have clean clothes that are organized and easy to access. I am grateful to have a washer and dryer in my home and that I have the means to have some nice clothes.

  • If you are having a difficult time getting started, try paying attention to how often you dread or complain about the weather. Then change that mindset to why I am grateful for the weather.

Now it is your turn…

I dread:

I get to:

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