Gratefulness Practice Worksheet 2 ~I Get to!

This Gratefulness Practice Worksheet 2 ~ I Get To!, is designed to shift my mindset from negative health energy to healthy and inspiring energy. I am changing my mindset from dreading (complaining) to “I get to!” (noticing your privileges ~ being grateful). This worksheet is designed for students of all ages and for individuals whoContinue reading “Gratefulness Practice Worksheet 2 ~I Get to!”

Gratefulness Practice Worksheet 1

I want to share this Gratefulness Practice Worksheet 1 that I use with my patients, students, and groups. It helps those who are addicted (consciously or unconsciously) to their negative energy mindset. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions to enhance this worksheet. I will be grateful for your thoughts and efforts! I haveContinue reading “Gratefulness Practice Worksheet 1”