Gratefulness Practice Worksheet 1

I want to share this Gratefulness Practice Worksheet 1 that I use with my patients, students, and groups. It helps those who are addicted (consciously or unconsciously) to their negative energy mindset.

Please feel free to comment and make suggestions to enhance this worksheet. I will be grateful for your thoughts and efforts!

I have also included (below) a pdf version for printing.

Change Your Mind ~ Change Your Life

Directions: When answering these questions, write down the first thing that comes into your mind. Repeat this practice daily (to develop my regular mindful practice) choosing different answers from my previous ones. Work without labeling my answers as right or wrong, good or bad. Work without judgment or opinion.

  1. What is it about my family that I am grateful for?
  2. What happened during the past week that was good?
  3. I am grateful for (name a person)______________because_______________________________
  4. I am grateful for (name a thing)_______________because_______________________________
  5. I am grateful for who I am because ___________________________
  6. What silly thing am I grateful for?
  7. I am grateful because I accomplished ______________________ in the past week
  8. Name a fond memory?
  9. What is a difficult lesson I have learned?
  10. What am I excited about?
  11. What would I not want to live without?
  12. What do I wish for other people?
  13. Draw a picture of something I am grateful for (take your time):

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